Sophie Klevenow - Design, Illustration and Animation Portfolio

Oxford Colleges & Collections

guide map

  • type of work illustration & design commission
  • medium print, cross-fold leaflet
  • client Oxford Limited, University of Oxford
  • sector education
  • Oxford University Map - photograph of cover and illustrated map
  • Oxford University Map - close-up photograph of cover and content
  • Oxford University Map - excerpt image of text and illustrated Oxford streetmap
  • Oxford University Map - close up of illustrated Oxford streetmap with illustrations of colleges, collections and sights
  • Oxford University Map - outline drawings of Oxford buildings, including Sheldonian Theatre, Botanic Garden, Balliol College and Natural History Museum
  • Oxford University Map - outline drawings of Oxford buildings, including Kellogg college, St. Johns college, Christ Church college and Corpus Christi college

Illustrated souvenir guide map to the the University of Oxford's colleges and collections.

Oxford Limited, the University of Oxford's brand licensing and retail branch, commissioned me to design and illustrate a guide map that should feature all of the University’s colleges and collections, plus a few of the well known Oxford sights. The map is mainly aimed at University alumni and new students, and includes short, entertaining descriptions, written by Natasha Podro, that offer small anecdotes about each place listed.

Starting with the general look and feel of the map, I illustrated the separate colleges, halls and collections, before creating the Oxford city map and layouting the provided text, keeping the design in line the University's brand guidelines.