Sophie Klevenow - Design, Illustration and Animation Portfolio

Our World

interactive science exhibition

  • type of work illustration & animation commission
  • medium digital & analog, interactive screens
  • client At-Bristol
  • sector science, education
  • Our World - exhibition logo
  • Our World - coloured sketches of shrimp for ecosphere animation
  • Our World - outline doodles of animals, plants, industry
  • Our World - photographs of on-site globe painting process
  • Our World - photographs from the exhibition opening event

Our World is an interactive exhibition about natural recycling processes. It is part of the permanent exhibition space of the At-Bristol science center.

At-Bristol and Qube Design approached me to produce four short educational animations and a variety of outline illustrations to be used as part of At-Bristol's new interactive exhibits.

During the course of the project I was lucky enough to work closely with researchers and scientists, enabling me to develop the following animations & illustrations:

Three short animations that explain how an ecosphere works; a completely closed and self-sustaining ecosystem. Each animation focuses on a different part of the symbiosis between shrimp, algae and bacteria.

Rock Cycle
A short animation that explains the correlation between earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Exhibit-related illustrations
A variety of quick outline doodles to be printed onto the wooden exhibit cases. Themes included convection, decomposition, thermodynamics, soil core and Earth's living timeline.

On-site Earth doodles
Outline illustrations painted by hand directly onto the exhibit dome structure. Includes continental outlines and landmark doodles.

During the animation production I worked closely with Darren Walker who was responsible for the 3D images and AFX compositing of the animations.