Sophie Klevenow - Design, Illustration and Animation Portfolio


online Schutz der Privatsphäre

  • Projekttyp Illustration & Animation Auftragsarbeit
  • Medium digital, online Video
  • Auftraggeber OCC Oxford Computer Consultants
  • Sektor Technologie
  • Operando introduction video still
  • Operando colour palette and asset designs
  • Operando asset designs
  • Operando thumbnail storyboard sketches
  • Operando animation still
  • Operando animation still

Operando is an open source software application that provides online privacy for its users. It has been developed by a consortium of European companies with the help of EU funding.

I was approached by Oxford Computer Consultants to develop two explanatory animations that should introduce users to the services that Operando and its PlusPrivacy branch offer.

Working closely with the project manager, we developed two scripts and agreed on a visual style, before I started editing rough animatics to review the visual narration alongside the recorded audio.

Our main aim was to portray the complex online privacy service as simply and succinctly as possible, to give potential users a clear idea about what to expect from Operando.

You can find out more about Operando andPlusPrivacy on their respective project websites.