Sophie Klevenow - Design, Illustration and Animation Portfolio

Lambeth Parks Challenge

interactive online tool

  • type of work illustration and animation commission
  • medium digital, website
  • client White October for Lambeth Council
  • sector public service
  • Lambeth Parks Challenge screenshot - Colourful illustrated park with people, cafe, trees, pond, flowers
  • Lambeth Parks Challenge screenshot - empty park with left hand menu and separately placeable elements such as cafe, playground, football pitch, pond, trees, benches
  • Lambeth Parks Challenge screenshot - close up of lively, overgrown and slightly dirty park with left hand menu running cost sliders
  • Lambeth Parks Challenge screenshot - close up of lively, neat and clean park with left hand menu running cost sliders and park maintenance budget cost
  • Lambeth Parks Challenge - rough sketches of separate park elements such as football pitch, public toilets, tennis court, playground
  • Lambeth Parks Challenge - progress sketches of isometric cafe, fence and vegetable patch illustrations
  • Lambeth Parks Challenge - sprites of plants in different stages of bloom, people, signs and park sports facilities

The Lambeth Parks Challenge is a website commissioned by Lambeth Council, that aims to get people engaged in the budget cuts faced by their local parks.

The user is guided through the variable costs of building and maintaining a public park, allowing them to create their own virtual park by choosing where to spend the available budget, using drag & drop menu items, a simple slider and a budget monitor.

As a freelancing illustrator/animator for digital design agency White October, I got involved early on in the project. In meetings with the designer, developer and project manager we discussed the possible structure, look and feel of the app; how to make a strict council budget comprehensible and engage the user to make budget decisions based on what services they would like their local parks to provide.

We decided that an aerial view and isometric illustration style would work best for the playful app, linking it to easy-to-use computer games visuals, as well as keeping it practical in terms of web development.

Lambeth Council provided us with a list of capital options, such as cafe, sports facilities and planting, as well as maintenance sections, such as waste and staff, which are crucial in building and maintaining a public park. To show the impact that both poor and great maintenance can have on a park, I illustrated some of the assets in different states, e.g. flowers dry or in full bloom, bins empty or overflowing. Once these assets were illustrated, we added a few nice-to-haves to make the park more engaging, which included animated sprites of people and animals in the park.

The Lambeth Parks Challenge was commissioned based on the success of the Lambeth Library Challenge, an app developed to engage people with the budgets of their local libraries. more info