Sophie Klevenow - Design, Illustration and Animation Portfolio

Neues Theater & Puppentheater Halle

in-house design work

  • type of work graphic design
  • medium digital & print
  • contractee Kulturinsel Halle
  • sector arts & culture
  • Kulturinsel poster series for play Früchte des Nichts
  • Kulturinsel poster for premieres in new house
  • Kulturinsel Sommertheater flyer and poster
  • Kulturinsel poster for upcoming comedy and drama premieres
  • Kulturinsel monthly brochure excerpt
  • Kulturinsel season brochure excerpt
  • Kulturinsel poster for upcoming premieres in drama and puppetry
  • Kulturinsel poster and adverts for upcoming premieres
  • Kulturinsel poster for short-term plays and guest performances

Neues Theater and Puppentheater Halle are part of the Kulturinsel (now Bühnen Halle), an arts & culture centre in the city of Halle/Saale, Germany.

In my role as in-house graphic designer for the Kulturinsel I produced digital and print artwork for theatre productions, performances and exhibitions. These regularly included the season brochure and monthly repertoire brochures, as well as dedicated poster, postcards, brochures and ads for new productions, developed in collaboration with the in-house photographer, the play's directors and set designers, as well as the marketing & PR department.

In addition to developing artwork I was also working as web coordinator, maintaining and expanding the web presence of the arts & culture centre.