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jQuery UK

Front-end Konferenz

  • Projekttyp Illustration & Animation Auftragsarbeit
  • Medium digital & analog, Internetseite, T-Shirt
  • Auftraggeber White October
  • Sektor Event, Technologie
  • jQuery UK 2013 conference website artwork close-ups
  • jQuery UK 2013 artwork process sketches of Lewis Carroll's Alice characters
  • jQuery UK 2013 conference pictures and close-up of conference t-shirt graphics
  • jQuery UK 2012 conference website screenshot with radioheads artwork
  • jQuery UK 2012 conference pictures, photograph of conference booklet, t-shirt and banner
  • jQuery UK 2012 Oxford icons illustrations

jQuery UK is an annual front-end developer conference hosted by White October in Oxford.

For two consecutive years I helped digital design agency White October with the branding of jQuery UK, an annual front-end developer conference hosted by White October. As freelance illustrator/animator I developed animated illustrations for the conference websites, as well as visuals for the conference t-shirts, booklets and signage.

jQuery conferences are hosted in different cities worldwide, and traditionally aim to reflect something of the host city's identity within their branding.

jQuery 2013
Based on the location of the new conference venue, which is said to be near the riverbank where Lewis Carroll first imagined his famous book, the visuals for jQuery UK 2013 all revolve around Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass. We agreed on a paper-theatre look, using the river Thames and its riverbanks as the main consistent visual. Following on, I developed separate illustrations based on Alice's stories for each page of the conference website, each illustration including some basic looping animation delivered as sprites to be animated in CSS by the developers at White October. As with 2012's conference, the illustrations were also used for the conference booklet, signage and t-shirt.

jQuery 2012
2012 was the first time a jQuery conference was held in the UK, and to reflect the host city we decided to introduce users to the rich history of Oxford, while avoiding touristic stereotypes. Instead, White October provided me with a list of famous people, things and oddities related to the area, which would offer an alternative view on Oxford. I created a collection of looping doodles for the conference website whose animation was triggered by page scrolling. The doodles were then also used on the conference booklet and t-shirt.

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