Sophie Klevenow - Design, Illustration and Animation Portfolio

Headlight Diaries


  • Projekttyp Illustration & Design Auftragsarbeit
  • Medium print, A6 Notizbuch
  • Auftraggeber Mindsport
  • Sektor Verlagsbranche
  • Headlight Diaries cover photo
  • Headlight Diaries photo of open diary showing the weekly review section
  • Headlight Diaries photo showing the introduction and goal-setting pages
  • Headlight Diaries close-up photo of a handwritten quote
  • Headlight Diaries sketches of brand logo and icons
  • Headlight Diaries digital range mock-up image

The Headlight Diaries are a series of goal-setting journals. Based on Positive Psychology strategies, the diaries contain advice, questions and quotes to encourage professional, personal and exercise related goalsetting.

Mindsport Limited approached me to help develop a branded series of journals that would fit within the company's range of Positive Psychology publications.

Starting by looking at the company's publication range, I developed a brand for the new journal range, including hand-drawn icons and quotes to give the journals an inviting, personal look and feel.