Sophie Klevenow - Design, Illustration and Animation Portfolio

The Adventures of Can't Be Bothered Man & Sidekick-Can

Internet Cartoon Kollaboration

  • Projekttyp Illustration, Animation
  • Medium digital, Animated GIF Serie
  • Co-creator Darren Walker
  • Sektor Kunst & Kultur
  • The Adventures of Cant Be Bothered Man and Sidekick-Can
  • Character sketches

The Adventures of Can't Be Bothered Man & Sidekick-Can is a semi-spontaneous, intermittent web-cartoon gif series with varying themes, developed in collaboration with Darren Walker

Originally created as a one-off animated gif, we started to produce a succession of quick outline cartoons celebrating the achievement of lazy. Inspired by London 2012, we produced one sports-related animation a day for the duration of the Olympics, before moving on to the topic of classic films the year after, inviting followers to suggest their favourite movies for us to cover.